AMP up your results with print advertising

Thousands of Newspapers.

             Millions of Readers.

One Order.


AMP connects you to your audience using targeted strategies that fit any budget. Need to place an ad nationwide? We can do it. Need a campaign in a specific Illinois zone? We do that too. Any type of ad, in any format…we’ve got you covered. Oh, and best of all? Our service is FREE and highly dependable!

Let us AMP up your results with a customized advertising plan!

Whether you're wanting to place a full page ad in specific newspapers, sticky notes on the front page of all newspapers in certain regions or inserts in your business' market - we can do it!


Want full color? We not only can place the ad for you - we can help get you the best rate possible!


Need an ad or campaign created? We can do that too! We have graphic designers in place to help with all your creative needs.


No matter what type of ad you want placed or where you want it placed - we're here to make sure that all your needs are not only met, but that the process is easy for you, too!

With our network advertising,

reaching millions of Illinois readers has never been easier

Let our networks do the work for you We have a variety of pre-defined networks ranging from classified advertising, 2x2 advertising, quarter pages, daily newspapers and more. Use these networks to define your campaign and pick a variety of zones in Illinois to get your word out. We reach over 6.3 million readers in Illinois who are ready, willing and able to purchase your goods and services...what are you waiting for?

Click an image below to view our networks and see how they can work for you!

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