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to get the word out...

...we're here for you! Introducing the newest, fastest and easiest press release distribution service for ALL of Illinois. Get your press release out to hundreds of media outlets in Illinois including newspaper, tv, radio and online!

PR MediaRelease Illinois delivers your message right to the decision makers in media (editors, reporters, news directors, etc.) who can quickly and easily deploy that information to their print, broadcast and digital audiences!

A user-friendly format allows you to upload text and add images, video and weblinks. Combine these mediums into a single multimedia, multifaceted package all for the same price as a simple text release.

The platform provides full integration into social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and SEO, allowing you to develop a rich, broad online presence.

Google Analytics is clearly displayed for each release you submit, detailing your release’s total page views, average time on the page and more.

Click HERE or log on to www.prmediarelease.com/illinois

for more details!

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